Grantham Journal letter: Elderly will suffer while others gain!

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The Journal (March 7) revealed to me the utter contempt the Coalition government and its Lincolnshire County Council lackeys have for elderly and infirm citizens in Grantham.

While we suffer under unwarranted austerity measures designed to line the pockets of the rich, they not only live off the fat of the land but vote themselves even more money than ever.

Just what could be achieved in aid of those less fortunate than they are, if the MPs and councillors selflessly agreed to have their ill-gotten gains; sorry, excessive; sorry, ‘independently assessed’ salaries and expenses, frozen for a few years?

Would they end up destitute like so many of the people whose quality of life and health and safety their policies have been put in peril due to the removal of resident wardens from sheltered accommodation and deterioration of care in the community?

I don’t think so! In fact it would be interesting to know how many resident wardens could then be restored to their former positions.

How many vulnerable people’s lives would be saved by such uncharacteristically humanitarian action?

Peter Clawson

Riverside, Welham Street, Grantham