Grantham Journal letter: Employees merit better treatment

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I would like to express my dismay and disgust, in the strongest possible terms, concerning the treatment of mobile wardens and scheme managers as well as the residents of SKDC.

I read your article with interest. It did not ring true according to what I’ve been told from reliable sources.

It appears to me that the truly loyal and dedicated staff of the care centre of many years, who have covered the care and wellbeing of the community, in sometimes appalling conditions, do so without concern for their own wellbeing and safety; putting their residents’ needs first and foremost.

I now hear that their future is not only in doubt but that SKDC is in dispute as to whether they will receive any form of redundancy payment. They say that their employees should qualify for TUPE but this too seems very doubtful. In my view and I’m sure I am not alone, it seems that SKDC is trying to shirk its responsibilities.

I personally would like to express my sincere thanks for the kindness shown by the scheme managers and mobile wardens to those residents who have been lucky enough to have had this service which now seems to be no longer 

Mrs P. Pickering