Grantham Journal letter: EU should be dismantled and control reinstated

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Nick Boles MP, in his column “We must somehow set controls on immigration” (Journal, October 24), refers approvingly to foreign migrants being employed, for instance, in care homes and on farms.

He therefore admits that immigrants are largely exploited as a cheap labour force, which is a particularly sordid aspect of the capitalist system.

Make no mistake, those politicians and business leaders who declare that they welcome immigration do not do so from some great love for foreigners, but rather out of contempt for them, eager to set them to hard work on low pay to serve their British masters.

There is a huge difference between allowing immigration and encouraging it. The former position is rightly based upon a belief in the freedom of the individual, whereas the latter tends to stem from a xenophobic disdain for supposedly inferior nations deemed unworthy of loyalty and so deserving of abandonment, as opposed to the surely more desirable scenario of a country’s citizens working together to improve the state of their nation. It should therefore be fairly obvious that it is more racist to encourage than oppose immigration.

Boles also lets the cat out of the bag when he laments, “We may not be able to achieve full control over immigration because the freedom of movement is one of the founding principles of the Treaty of Rome.” So this is a major reason why it is imperative that the European Union be dismantled, so that each of its member states can gain full sovereignty over its own affairs, including who to let into and who to keep out of the country.

Rob Turton

Harrow Street, Grantham