Grantham Journal letter: Excellent hospital

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We all hear about the A&E and about the closure to Ward Six at Grantham Hospital, which makes it sound like we are moving towards being a cottage hospital.

But I want to congratulate the staff there. I went to see a consultant for what I thought was a simple problem. He was very thorough and arranged for me to have a CT scan and while arranging for day surgery he wasn’t happy with a mass on my lung, so he passed it onto a colleague who quickly arranged tests. Within two weeks I was diagnosed and treatment carried out at Nottingham City Hsopital.

The service, professionalism and support was excellent - we have a first class hospital here with excellent staff yet United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust seem to forget it, giving more funding to Lincoln and Boston, even though the population is increasing fast in this area.

Yes, we are on main routes, both road and rail to places like London, but that should not mean we have to travel to other hospitals to get treatment, which will surely involve travel time and expense to ourselves.

Brian Truesdale