Grantham Journal letter: Fall due to state of path

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On Wednesday aftenoon, June 4, I tripped on a broken and uneven pavement in Castlegate, dislocating and breaking my right shoulder.

I would like to thank the passers-by, especially the lady and gentleman who managed to get me to my feet and into the nursing home on Castlegate, where the staff kindly gave me a chair to sit on while going to fetch my wife.

We went to A&E, where I was seen promptly and my injuries were dealt with professionally with exeplary skill and attention.

This entailed a general anaesthetic and a night and day in the hospital.

The standard of care was first class and I cannot thank the staff enough for their work on my behalf.

It is unfortunate that I cannot say the same for those members of staff at SKDC whose job it is to maintain pavements and ensure the safety of pedestrians throughout the town.

Our political masters have seen fit to spend a great deal of money on works of dubious benefit in Westgate, where parking places have been lost, and at Gainsborough Corner, where traffic congestion caused chaos for several weeks last summer, money which could and should have been spent on pavements and potholes.

Robin Oliver-Tasker

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