Grantham Journal letter: Final chance to view plans

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The front page of last week’s Journal covered the story of the South Kesteven District Council public consultation on the new Southern Quadrant (to be known as Spittlegate Heath) outline planning design.

It was noted that few people have formally commented to SKDC planning department regarding the proposals as of yet.

I trust the person who wrote to the Journal last week on the subject also sent their comments to SKDC. The lack of response is very concerning given the extent of the development and potential impact of some elements of the proposed development on specific community groups – especially those living opposite the planned river route and those living along, or roads off, Bridge End Road. Many people I have met have raised verbal concerns but these need to be submitted formally.

There are extensive documents relating to the scheme and there is limited opportunity to view large scale plans. I raised concerns with SKDC officers that while members of the Londonthorpe Parish Council had an opportunity to meet SKDC planning officers and the developers, those people living elsewhere in Grantham have not. The SKDC officers agreed to a further public meeting and Buckminster Estate (landowners) representatives agreed to support the event.

Therefore, please note there will be a final opportunity to view plans and raise questions at a public meeting in Witham Place Communal Room, off Bridge End Road, on Wednesday, October 29. A drop-in session will commence at 2.30pm, finishing at 8pm. I have asked for a presentation on the plans to be provided as well. This will take place at 7pm. Comments may be left at the event and will be handed to SKDC planning officers.

I am aware some people feel a sense of inevitability about the scheme. But, given that SKDC have made their strategic decision, this is a key time for people to look at the details that will define what can be built and where. I agree with the Civic Society members that ultimately, whatever aspirations may be had for the site, much will depend on which developers come forward. Anyone interested in seeing the plans and unable to get to SKDC offices in working hours may contact me on 574748 or by email:

The details of the development are available online as well. I have a set of drawings for reference and will be happy to share these.

Coun Charmaine Morgan

St Anne’s Ward