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Grantham Journal letter: Gainsborough is gridlock corner

In the Grantham Journal of March 23 you carried an article on the “celebration” for the re-opening of McDonald’s after a few weeks closed for refurbishment.

This is not something to celebrate as very long queues have re-appeared at the Gainsborough Corner junction, especially, but not exclusively,at busy times of any day including weekends.That and the car park next door for Spar and other retail outlets have compounded to make the area dangerous for pedestrians and road users.

I have witnessed many near misses with cars and lorries trying to rush through the narrow gaps left by inconsiderate drivers blocking through traffic, as they wait for a space to turn into the car parks.

Even a green light at the junction goes back to red before any traffic moves, on many occasions.

In short, the area is more often than not totally gridlocked and with other nearby food outlets with their attendant car parks must be having a serious affect on air quality in this area.

I am not a killjoy and can see the attraction to enjoy what was originally a good addition to Grantham’s infrastructure. It is just that now all the benefit has been overtaken by greater vehicle numbers which will only become worse as Grantham grows in the future.

Bridge End Road Resident

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