Grantham Journal letter: Get in taxpayer-funded car and look for potholes!

A pothole in Barrowby Gate, Grantham.
A pothole in Barrowby Gate, Grantham.
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You recently printed an article in which someone suggested that local residents should contact Lincolnshire highways to report potholes where of concern.

Laugh? I was almost in tears – of frustration – with these pampered officials!

Is it not beyond someone from highways to get in his (no doubt taxpayer-funded) car, filled with taxpayer-bought petrol (I imagine), and drive around Grantham to survey these problems? I promise it won’t take him long, as virtually every road, barring the recently built on newer housing estates, has potholes!

Just to start him off though, perhaps he could spend a few minutes to look at: Belton Lane, especially at the Junction with Hill Avenue, with its unavoidable mass of holes; Barrowby Gate; New Beacon Road; and Cliffedale Road.

And please, a man with a shovel full of Tarmac slopped into the hole will not suffice, being very quickly eroded by passing traffic as it inevitably is.

Come on, it’s election time soon, at least make it look as though you have a modicum of intelligence!

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