Grantham Journal letter: Get me out!

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Yesterday I spent the day in Grantham Hospital.

I arrived at 9.50am, conveyed by ambulance from home by Ray (from Bourne) and his female accomplice, both ideal and efficient. No complaints, except for the potholes on the road.

Into A&E, again no complaints. Staff friendly and efficient and they handled things very well.

Later in the day I was in the Emergency Assessment Unit where I was received by Julie and the rest of the day staff and they were also very efficient and friendly, so absolutely no complaints there.

Similarly, it was praise all round when the night staff came on, and when Julie returned next day.

The day was progressing very well . . . until dinner, then things started to go wrong, badly; getting out was not easy.

The doctor said I could go home but I had to see another one.

She was too busy so I had to wait. I am not good at waiting.

Then, getting tablets. They were too busy etc. I never did get them– I got a prescription next day.

Overall: Ambulance – excellent; hospital, excellent. We really are lucky to have them and we must fight to retain them. But getting out. Somthing is wrong here and it must be sorted out.

I have been in Grantham Hospital three times in 30 years, and each time the complaint is the same.

I have also been in Leicester General, Lincoln and Nottingham City hospitals and never had trouble getting out.

Harold Derry

Allington Gardens, Grantham