Grantham Journal Letter: Grantham College pupils deserve more credit

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My son has recently completed his A-levels at Grantham College and like many, he worked extremely hard for his results.

The pages dedicated by the Journal to A-level results quote school headteachers congratulating their students and staff for the hard work put in to ensure good results. I therefore found it extremely disappointing that the college principal, Linda Houtby, commented more about other achievements, namely adults/young adults and apprenticeships.

The topic heading was A-levels and this is what she should have concentrated on; this should have been purely about A-level achievement, maybe even commenting on the 66 per cent of Further Maths students achieving A* in the subject.

There is a time and place for everything – sadly this was a missed opportunity to properly congratulate the students and their tutors who have spent the last two years aiming for the stars.

Disappointed parent