Grantham Journal letter: Grantham motorists have ‘appalling’ driving habits

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MYSELF and my wife have for some time been amazed at the appalling driving habits of the general population of Grantham.

It appears that very few people have any knowledge of the Highway Code or laws governing the use of a car, or give two hoots anyway.

I’m sure that the folks of Grantham are not alone in their flouting of the rules. I have witnessed on many occasions car, van and lorry drivers on mobile phones while negotiating a roundabout or corner, and in one instance holding a cigarette in his other hand. They must be truly professional driver to achieve this!

Other examples of bad habits include the parking on double yellow lines and causing an obstruction, which is prevalent in our High Street.

On more than one occasion I have witnessed delivery lorries parked on the pavement and double yellow lines, blocking the road and causing major traffic jams near the Halifax Building Society, one of them a brewery lorry delivering to the hotel (what about the rear entrance?).

While on this subject, why do the congregation of a certain church seem to think that committing two offences is not morally wrong (obstructing the pavement and parking on double yellow lines)?

This brings me to my final whinge. I have on several occasions come face to face with people driving towards me on Marratts Lane in Great Gonerby, and I have, as you might imagine, pointed out the error of their ways. But what amazed me during the summer was a police car (in no hurry) pulling on to the main road from Marratts Lane as I was trying to enter it, the correct and legal way. And again today a BT Open Reach van was driving down the one-way road without a care in the world.

I may come across as a grumpy person, but I think you must agree these things need addressing. But who do we go to, as the upholders of the law seem to have no regard for it either and not the time or manpower to do anything about any of the other issues.


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