Grantham Journal Letter: Grantham needs to learn from Truro

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Your anonymous correspondent (Issues must be resolved if our town is to grow - Journal, August 16) has some sensible suggestions for easing the traffic congestion and parking difficulties in Grantham.

Extra housing and more cars on the roads bring chaos to ancient town centres - the same applies to my adopted home of Truro in Cornwall.

Truro’s population is half that of Grantham (around 20,000) but we have the same traffic problems all year round, inevitably made worse from Easter to October, during the main holiday season, when the city centre can be gridlocked for hours at a time.

The council want extra homes for 21st century needs but our roads and town centres are hundreds of years old and there appears to be little “joined up thinking”.

However, one thing Truro has got right is a very well used Park & Ride scheme (soon to have a second).

This is not the answer to all our traffic and parking ills, although it helps. Perhaps Grantham’s council and the county council have thought of this already, although I haven’t read of such proposals in the Journal.

So my suggestion for Grantham is a Park & Ride scheme or two, plus that east-west bypass (which has been talked about for well over 40 years).

Perhaps the council could set up a suggestion box in their office or send out a questionnaire and “suggestionaire” with the next council tax bills.

Mrs Jean Comben