Grantham Journal letter: Great shows but on consective days

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There were three shows held in Grantham recently, the SKDC Chairman’s Charity Gala on Thursday, February 5; the Made in Grantham show on Saturday, February 7; and Brendan Cole – A Night to Remember was held at The Meres, on Friday, February 6.

I attended the chairman’s gala and the Made in Grantham show, and I have to agree with Coun Jeff Thompson, when he said that we have so much talent in our young people here in Grantham.

The chairman’s gala must have been a packed house, the artistes were absolutely brilliant, and for £10 a ticket I cannot think where you could be so well entertained. I didn’t need a drink to enjoy myself.

The Made in Grantham show was fantastic; again, the artistes were from the Grantham area, tickets £12.50 each. I’m glad that I do not have to go outside of Grantham for entertainment. The compère, AJ, had us in stitches with her wit, and her singing was so professional, as were all the acts.

The only downside was to have three good shows on three consecutive nights and to try and go to all three shows would cost the average family a fortune. My point being that we need to spread the shows out over the year so that two charity fund-raising events do not clash on the same weekend, or when we have a crowd-pulling show like Brendan Cole’s.

Other than that, I can honestly say if you didn’t go to any of the shows, well you missed out.

Coun B. Wells

Deputy Mayor of Grantham