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Grantham Journal letter: Growing town has little to offer

Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital
Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital

I have never written a letter to the Grantham Journal before, however I feel the time is right.

I am ashamed to tell people that I come from Grantham, I just say I come from Lincolnshire.

Grantham town, in my opinion, is a disgrace; we used to have a decent fence of green on St Peter’s Hill, the bus park was in the right place, however the council decided it was ideal for their council offices.

St Peter’s Hill and the High Street, the less said the better. Greedy landlords etc have made sure that their shops stay empty, unless you want a restaurant, which I have noticed as I travel through are mostlyempty.

All the council seems interested in is building more houses, and letting the greedy landlords have their way.

The Grantham and District Hospital no longer as a 24-hour service, yet the town is growing bigger, and if the council have their way, will get bigger.

The Grantham Market is now a disgrace to the town, due to rent increases; surely it’s about time the council stopped feathering their own nest and started to make this town great again.

Encourage top name shops back into the town, put a stop to the greedy landlords and make the High Street a pedestrian-only area.

Cut the grass, repair the potholes, save our A &E. Make Grantham a great place to live again.

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