Grantham Journal Letter: Health authorities arrogantly flouting democracy

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Did I actually read what I thought I did in last week’s Journal?

A public body supposedly representing Grantham Hospital patients refusing to accept a 7,696 signatures petition aimed at saving the maternity unit at our beloved NHS establishment?

I thought Jeremy Hunt said the aims of the Government’s controversial health reforms were for more transparency.

So, who are these arrogant members of South West Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group who flaunt democracy in the face like some Iron Curtain despots?

How did they get into such positions of power?

Were they elected or just chosen as Coalition Government pawns?

I would like to know who they are, to know, for instance, if my own GP is amongst them?

With Grantham’s population already soaring out of control and even more homes in the planning pipeline, how can anyone in their right minds even consider downgrading any part of our hospital?

What they should be doing is improving the unit to the level they say the alternative will provide.

Peter Clawson

Welham Street