Grantham Journal letter: Help me find Pam, a friend from 1957

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Many years ago, in 1957, I met a lovely Grantham lass while I was stationed at RAF Spitalgate.

We met while dancing, and jived away together all the time.

The girl’s name was Pam and she was a cashier in International Stores. I hope I have the shop name correct.

I thought if it was still there today, Pam’s last name would be in staff records.

The last time I saw Pam was a Saturday night. I was on duty on the Sunday, and worse was told I was being posted on monday.

I did not know Pam’s last name, address or phone number, so I could not contact her in any way.

For years I felt badly about this, even though there was nothing I could do.

Eventually, I was de-mobbed and came home to Scotland to carry on with life. But all these years, Pam was always in my mind. If I could get her phone number or even any news of her I would be extremely grateful. All she knew me as was Jimmy. Pam, please call me on my mobile number – 07596 734202.

Name and address supplied