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Grantham Journal letter: Heritage should be protected


So, Mr David Smith advises residents in Ropsley to ‘get behind’ the existing pub and forget and disregard his plans for the original ‘Fox’s Brush’?

Thanks Dave, but we are not gasping for a drink here in the village. If we want, we may choose to patronise the Green Man, but what people resent is the destruction of our heritage.

The Fox was a successful business for three or four hundred years. It still can be, in the hands of the right owner. The reason is failed was not the fault of the public or their drinking habits (witness the rise of the Green Man) but because you chose to redevelop.

We do know what goes on behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, the article regarding Grantham Railway Station was interesting but one really unbelievable fact was omitted by the Civic Society.

When the road to the station, from London Road at one end and the town centre (Westgate) at the other, opened it was found to be a convenient shortcut for factory workers to the Aveling Barford sites which lined London Road at that time.

Passing the station, the cloth caps were prone to jeer and laugh at the well-to-do passengers going in and exiting the station.

The answer was to close the road and, until recently, Station Road North only led to the car park and the top end of Station Road South had a brick wall across it.

Talk about a ‘them and us’ attitude!

Mr J. Wade


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