Grantham Journal letter: HGVs not to blame

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I see Anthony Hindmarch is having a go at HGVs (Journal, April 25).

Many others have suggested putting more freight on the railways, but have they seen any rail lines going into supermarkets, industrial sites, or factories? I don’t think so.

It’s not HGVs they should be blaming for a lot of the potholes. If the highways department did their job in the first place instead of bodging, it would be fine.

Let me remind everyone that everything they have in life - materials, houses, cars, furniture, food, clothes - has travelled by HGVs.

Without them you would have nothing. And don’t say that gas, water, and electricity doesn’t, because the cables, pipes and fittings do.

As for potholes on Hill Avenue, Sandon Road, Harrowby Road, Avenue Road and St Catherine’s Road - not many HGVs use these roads so it’s a poor excuse for the state of the roads.

HGVs use country roads because a lot of them have to get seeds and fertilizer to the farms, while taking potatoes and vegetables from the farms to the mills and packing plants to make the bread and various food stuffs for the public to eat.

So remember, anything you have has travelled by truck at some time, with the driver working long, unsociable hours so everyone gets what they want when they want it. Give HGVs a break.

Mr A. Patchett

Turnor Crescent, Grantham