Grantham Journal letter: Highways have not fulfilled promise

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Re: Editor’s Comment (Journal, February 20), ‘So the news from the county’s highways chief Richard Davies – who delivered on his promise to this newspaper (by and large) to sort out potholes...’

Is someone having a laugh here? Has April Fool’s Day come round earlier this year?

The roads in Grantham are a lot worse now than when this ‘campaign’ began! Take a drive to Somerby roundabout where the road surface is a danger to the motorist! Then try Barrowby Gate, Sandon Road, Alma Park Road, Queensway, East Street, Heath Lane (Belton), High Meadow ... the list is endless. This is not even the tip of the iceberg!

I’ve requested to meet highways officer Mark Heaton at some of these sites. However a letter from Legal Services Lincolnshire stated that my invitation for Mr Heaton to attend a site visit is declined.

Why has he declined? What is he frightened of? Maybe the state of these roads is a source of embarrassment to him! Who knows?

Sure, it is okay to spend thousands of pounds of public money on unwanted, and mainly unused taxi ranks (Conduit Lane), and also on additional lanes where they are not needed (Springfield Road) but how about getting all these potholes properly repaired?

Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department stance is that if no one complains about these roads then everything must be fine! (I have another letter from Legal Services Lincolnshire which confirms this).

Stop burying your head in the sand LCC highways department and sort these potholes out properly, before someone is seriously injured, or worse still, dies, as a direct result of these roads being unsafe!

So, come on Grantham road users, get your complaints in to LCC so we can have some action from them for a change, rather than talk. Then the roads will be safer for everyone.

David Philpotts

By email