Grantham Journal letter: How dare our MP blame the public

Grantham MP Nick Boles.
Grantham MP Nick Boles.
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I don’t know how he’s got the nerve, but our MP Nick Boles would have us believe that problems afflicting our NHS are nothing to do with his government but are our own fault for using A&E and for getting older. Now that’s what I call shifting the blame.

Having taken over our NHS in 2010 with patient satisfaction at an all time high, the situation has deteriorated dramatically and it is about time Nick Boles took responsibility for this situation, having had nearly five years in charge.

Nick Boles declines to mention that the number of unfilled GP posts has almost quadrupled since 2010 and now, of 27 EU countries, the UK is ranked 24th for the number of working doctors it has per head of population.

This government has shut or downgraded one third of NHS “walk-in centres”, pushing up to two million patients a year on to a struggling A&E service and has delivered a real terms funding cut of £978 million to GPs, with 100s of surgeries closing.

The austerity cuts result in a lack of investment in adequate care for the elderly in the community or at home, which causes major problems of hospital bed blocking.

Billions of pounds of NHS contracts have gone to private companies who have also been exempted from the Freedom of Information Act. Many of these companies are significant donors to the Conservative Party and despite winning taxpayer-funded contracts, many pay little tax due to links to “offshore” tax havens or other tax avoidance schemes.

Jeremy Hunt, just a few years ago, co-authored a book calling for the NHS, to be dismantled and privatised to be funded by US-style private insurance.

Now anyone who has experience of holiday health insurance, with previous or existing conditions or is getting on in years, will know what that means.

But what concerns me is that David Cameron must have known Jeremy Hunt’s ideology on our NHS and yet still chose to put him in charge of it.

It is akin to putting the Mafia in charge of the Bank of England.

I think our MP Nick Boles has a duty to explain to his constituents whether or not he agrees with Jeremy Hunt’s ideology because I can’t help feeling that voting Conservative at the forthcoming election would be putting a further “nail in the coffin” of our NHS.

P. Jones

Bell Close,