Grantham Journal letter: I can recall a similar tale

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What a lovely surprise to see my old school in Memory Lane (Journal, March 14).

I remember it as if it was yesterday. Every girl was neatly turned out and just look at the hands of the first year. A work of art to be sure.

The story of two errant sweethearts holding hands on their way to school reminded me of a similar tale which happened to me!

It was a Saturday morning and the boys at King’s had school till lunchtime. I met my boyfriend, now my husband, down by the river. It was raining and we sheltered under a tree, he in his prefect’s uniform of a red jacket and gold tasselled cap and I was in my casual clothes. We were having a kiss when who should pass by but the dreaded Miss Gillies! I froze on the spot and knew my end was nigh! She walked on then came back and said: “You girl, I will speak to next week in my office.”

Every morning I expected to be called out and made an example of in assembly but she made me wait until the Friday, when I was called to her office.

She said: “I do not want girls like you in my sixth form.” She reduced me to tears and gave me a right telling off. I had taken my O-levels and was hoping to stay on and study for the pre-nursing course. I was devastated.

Meanwhile my boyfriend was seen by his headmaster Mr Higgins, who chatted over tea and biscuits!

However, Miss Gillies must have thought better of her actions and called me in again the following week saying she had been hasty and I could stay on after all. Needless to say I didn’t stay on and went off to train as a Sick Children’s Nurse in Derby.

Mrs Gill Roberts