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Grantham Journal letter: I fail to see how bypass will help


Can someone please tell me which optician our councillors go to? Iwould love to have a pair of rose-tinted glasses that they wear.

Yes, we need a relief road to get traffic out of Grantham, but has anyone ever checked that the traffic coming in on the A52 from Nottingham, is the same traffic going out on the A52 towards Boston and vice-versa, and that none of them need to stop in Grantham?

We could also say we need a relief road for the A607, so that traffic coming from Lincoln need not come into Grantham to get to Melton Mowbray.

As for reducing traffic in the town centre, someone needs to look at all roads coming into town, like North Parade and Manthorpe Road. If there is building of more houses between Gonerby and Manthorpe, where’s this traffic going to go? North Parade and Manthorpe Road are very congested now, what will happen to the extra traffic?

Then there are Belton Lane and Hill Avenue converging on to Manthorpe Road, making the problem worse. Now the school on the Queensway site has gone, there is no school in the east of Grantham, so this adds to the traffic problem.

Also, look at traffic on New Beacon Road and Sandon Road trying to get across town, then look at Harlaxton Road and Dysart Road and all the traffic coming in to town on those roads.

Add all the houses being built between the Muddle Go Nowhere and Gonerby Hill Foot – where’s all this traffic going to go?

The proposed houses to be built in the so-called Southern Quadrant, which is to include the miracle relief road; is this going to solve all the traffic problems of Grantham and bring prosperity to Grantham? I’m waiting for details of just how this is going to happen.

What is needed is a complete ring road right around Grantham, more business complexes like those at Gonerby Moor, probably on Spittlegate Level, and something is needed above Alma Park, and they all need to be served by a good bus service so that people don’t need to use cars.

A. Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham

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