Grantham Journal letter: I have cleaned the street myself

Litter in Norton Street, Grantham.
Litter in Norton Street, Grantham.
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Having spent one hour and 10 minutes cleaning Norton Street top to bottom, I filled a bag of mixed rubbish and it took it to SKDC offices to give to Keith Rowe, head of street care services.

I was diverted to the council’s recycling depot but he was in a meeting. Hopefully he was reviewing the council’s policy on putting into place weekly street cleaning.

I understand there are limited funds, but how much time is allocated to each street and also what number of streets are cleaned in a day. The hard working street cleaners must be frustrated not having more time to do their jobs properly.

At full council, where the public is given the chance to question our elected councillors, I will be asking questions.

Stephen Hewerdine,

Norton Street