Grantham Journal letter: I have never favoured this move!

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David Burling is usually very straight on what he says in the Journal, however because he did not attend the Charter Trustees meeting, I wonder who gave him false information as to my thoughts and those of others at the said meeting.

It was put forward at this meeting that there are moves to try and turn Lincolnshire into a unitary authority not by local councillors but by councillors who are already county councillors.

Thankfully, at this moment in time, the Government have no plans to implement this.

I have never advocated a unitary authority and see no reason whatsoever in changing my mind. I am opposed to a town council solely on the increase of costs to the Council Tax payers.

That being said, should unitary authorities be implemented, it would be imperative to have a town council, otherwise the people of Grantham would have no control over what happens in the town.

So no David, I am not trying to beef up a town council, I am only interested in what is best for the people of Grantham. Having councillors from the north of the county making decisions about Grantham, is not a scenario that would be beneficial for our townsfolk.

He says that having a unitary authority will save money. I would remind him that Bedfordshire became a unitary authority and the tax payers saw no benefit as their taxes remained the same.

He goes on to mention allowances and I would remind him that there has been no increase in allowances set by the renumeration panel since 1999.

The only increase is living allowance, also given to the staff, of one per cent. Unlike the county council, where its Labour councillors voted against the increase, but then had the audacity to accept the same. Some £2k.

One councillor is reported to have said they would donate the increase to local good causes. It would be interesting to learn which local good causes had prospered from this.

It is better not to listen to Chinese whispers, all you need to do is ask and I would be as truthful as possible in my response.

Coun Mike Taylor

By email