Grantham Journal letter: I look forward to my weekly read

Darren Abbott paints the White Bridge in Wyndham Park.
Darren Abbott paints the White Bridge in Wyndham Park.
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As an avid reader of the Journal, whose Friday nights are not complete without a thorough perusal of what’s happening in and around Grantham, I must say how much I enjoy reading it.

Of course, some things I agree with and others I think you could do better on! However, one thing you have got spot on is the inclusion of the weekly Civic Society columns by Ruth Crook.

Her articles are so fascinating, taking us back in a clear, easily readable way to Grantham’s past history and its long gone former residents. I hope she has an abundance of further material to educate and enlighten us with.

Additionally, let’s commend the altruistic actions of the Moy Park workers who selflessly gave up the time and effort to paint Wyndham Park’s white bridge.

Darren and his helpers show the good side of Grantham, and what can be achieved by a few people with good intentions.

Maybe the Journal could run a ‘hero of the season’ series? This group would be my spring heroes – ordinary people doing extraordinary things? Well done to Mayor Selby for turning up too.

David Taylor

Cavendish Way, Grantham