Grantham Journal letter: I object to Islamic centre due to intrusion

Plan submitted for Islamic centre in Grantham.
Plan submitted for Islamic centre in Grantham.
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I heartily agree with the views of my neighbour, Claire Williams, in response to Jacob Stuart’s article.

I live next door to Claire and not only overlook CCTV and the proposed site (for an Islamic centre) for the build, but my property also fronts onto the route to Mowbeck Way.

I find this proposal will be a gross intrusion into my family’s home and home life. Whoever it may be intruding.

I wonder how Jacob Stuart would like to live here? Five prayer times per day, 365 days a year, the resulting noise and air pollution will be intolerable.

Like Claire, I couldn’t care less how the building will be occupied. I care about increased traffic and erosion of my privacy and my home plus the parking chaos.

I am no way a racist and never have been. I am a realist.

F. N. Cunningham

Alexandra Roa