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Grantham Journal letter: I’ve pulled through thanks to being at Grantham Hospital

Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital
Accident and Emergency at Grantham Hospital

An open letter to health secretary Jeremy Hunt:

I am 85 and on the way to recovery at Grantham Hospital, with acute kidney injury.

They have worked in conjunction with the specialised renal unit in Leicester and I am so lucky. On the fourth day I was ready to give up the fight but my husband and daughter came straight in and spent four hours giving me love and care – it pulled me through, thanks to being in our local hospital (alternative to Lincoln or Boston).

I have nothing but admiration for Grantham Hospital, where the staff are second to none.

One evening, my daughter visited and had a friend with her who had an accident at work where a nurse had looked at him and couldn’t see anything. There was no one to give him a quick look at Grantham in the evening and so my daughter had to drive him to Nottingham.

Grantham is a growing town – we need these basic services at hand so please add my name to the huge list of people who want to keep our services in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

In 1948, several of my friends became nurses with no huge exam results required and they worked, presumably, for a small allowance. Lovely, caring girls who served the profession well.

My question is, will things change as it has with apprenticeships?

I talked to a student lucky enough to get in this year before fees of £9,000 are put in place; she studies then does her practical working 11-hour day for nothing.

This can’t be right and when will they earn enough to repay a huge loan in this business?

I observe nurses and doctors working 11-13 shifts and it is inhumane; the job cannot be done efficiently with these hours. When questioned many times, you, Jeremy Hunt, say we have put in millions extra REPEATEDLY.

Perfect fodder for Labour as my granddaughter (aged 18) laps up their talk.

We were not promised three meals a day with drinks four times a day. We should pay for this – £40 per week.

My maths can’t cope with this but maybe you would be kind enough in your reply to work out what that would save? I understand women fake tummy ache etc to get into hospital, just to be looked after and have a break from their children!

I am normally active and hope to be so again and also, as you gather, with plenty of love and support.

Sadly, I am seeing lonely little souls who, because of today’s modern living, do not have family nearby.

Could we not have a campaign to suggest everyone knocks on the neighbour’s door to introduce themselves and reassure their neighbour they are at hand?

This situation would never happen in Spain (although I have to admit living in high rise flats in town may be another matter) – all the more reason why we should knock at that door!

Well, I am sure you have guessed I am from Maggie Thatcher’s home ground and you are trying your best, but, as the teacher would say, you could do better.

Marjorie Need

Church Lane, Redmile

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