Grantham Journal letter: I was not contacted despite microchip

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Reader's letter
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Two things have come to my attention over the last three weeks that have given me concern and distress.

A rescue cat was homed from me in early December 2016. She went to a good home, but, sadly, over the last few weeks the person has been ill and spent time in hospital, and then needed care herself so she could not look after the cat.

Her neighbour took a note from the lady and took the cat all the way to Radcliffe RSPCA Centre, near Nottingham, to hand her in as an unwanted animal.

The neighbour would have had to sign paperwork.

The cat, thank goodness, had a microchip in my own name and address – but it was ignored after the RSPCA centre was told I no longer wanted the cat back.

No phone call was made to me by the Radcliffe RSPCA centre to tell me about it – we will always take back any cat if there is a problem.

So it was £15 to have the microchip put in the cat at my vets. If the microchip means nothing, why do it when anyone can hand in and animal and no one checks with the person whose name shows up on the microchip?

By the time I found out about the cat she had been taken off Petlog [a microchip database] within days, given a new microchip number and rehomed.

So everyone, please be aware it can happen.

My second concern is that a few weeks ago, people were going door to door in Grantham, getting homeowners to sign up for monthly donations for the RSPCA. As a lot of people do support Grantham ROCK I had phone calls to let me know that they were told the donations would also support Grantham ROCK cat resuce. The RSPCA does not support us with money, as many people were told on their doorsteps.

Cath Rowson, Grantham Rescue of Cats and Kittens (ROCK)