Grantham Journal letter: I was taken back to Christmas 1946

Christmas on the Green 2014 EMN-140112-133159001
Christmas on the Green 2014 EMN-140112-133159001
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I’ve written this little ditty with my congratulations to all the organisers, helpers, dancers, stall holders, singers and anyone else involved in Christmas on the Green – it was wonderful.

It took me back to my childhood. 1946 is a long time ago and things were very different then.

1946 to 2014:

I’ve been to Santa’s grotto,

And it took me back in years,

To when I was a little child,

And stroked the reindeer’s ears.

My Father said it was a reindeer,

But it looked so tired and worn.

And in my heart of hearts I knew,

It was a donkey with wooden horns.

And Santa, that fat, happy chap,

In his red suit and whiskery face.

My Santa wore a dressing gown,

With cotton wool stuck on his face.

We didn’t have a present,

Santa didn’t have a sack.

We just got a smile and a Ho Ho Ho,

And a hearty pat on the back.

But my Dad bought me ice cream!

The first ice cream I had.

So with carols, and donkeys and Santa,

1946, Christmas wasn’t too bad.

Val Odell

Croft Drive, Grantham