Grantham Journal Letter: ‘If bribery fails Nick, try bullying’

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MP Nick Boles says he supports Lincolnshire County Council’s policy to halt the proliferation of local wind turbines, claiming (Journal, January 11) that he wants to “protect our precious landscape and listen to local people’s concerns”.

How, then, does he reconcile that with his recent comments to the Policy Exchange think tank (which he founded) when he reiterated his proposals to concrete over hundreds of thousands of acres of our countryside. He publicly accuses anyone who opposes him of hypocrisy, saying that anyone occupying a building today is using space that was once greenfield land - probably not the most profound comment uttered by any politician, philosopher or village idiot over the last few centuries.

Have all brownfield sites been developed? No.

Have all unoccupied properties been made available for occupation? No.

Instead Mr Boles wants to impose a system of ‘incentives and persuasion’ whereby his new ‘community infrastructure levy’ would give up to £300,000 to councils who met his development targets.

If that fails he promises draconian new legislation to penalise councils who don’t meet his targets.

So, if bribery fails, Nick, try bullying - you won’t be the first politician to do so.

Brian Bruce