Grantham Journal Letter: In praise of SHOUT

Grantham Journal letter.
Grantham Journal letter.
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Following on from last week’s article in the Journal announcing that SHOUT was in the process of winding up, a few words of thanks are due.

Having been involved as its patron, I have seen the enthusiasm and dedicated work that all the volunteers have given over so many years to help children help and develop other children who are not so fortunate as themselves. Most of SHOUT’s original objectives have been achieved and are now being run in-house (schools) by those concerned. They have raised a considerable sum of money for many local supportive charities and others, all of which has been spent on many worthwhile activities (tea clubs etc).

Grantham’s children over the years should be very grateful to this splendid voluntary organisation and all those who have been involved over the years with SHOUT. The volunteers should feel very considerable satisfaction in what they have achieved.

The Grantham community has benefited from all their hard work and our thanks go to SHOUT.

Richard Ferens