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Grantham Journal letter: Intolerant couple should be educated on cycle rules

May I through your letters column point out to the extremely intolerant couple I had cause to engage with on Sunday morning?

On a return from a morning cycling with friends I always come down the High Street and join the dual use path from the Angel hotel down the east side of Watergate – you may be aware that this is quite a wide path compared to most of High Street and is designated as being suitable as dual purpose for this reason.

Despite ringing my bell (as a courtesy and for mine andtheir safety) and slowing to a snail’s pace behind this couple – who were taking up all of the path – they made no attempt to acknowledge my existence.

I waited until it was safe to pass the response was a comment regarding the fact that, in their opinion, I should be on the road and that they, in their words, said: “I’m not getting out of your way just because you ring a bell.”

They then suggested that perhaps I should ride on the outside of the steel bollards that line that side of Watergate – they are there, of course, for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Also, if they had looked properly they would see the tree and numerous advertising stands which adorn this section.

The point I am trying to put over is education regarding the cycle paths and toucan crossings as many people don’t seem to understand the system and this is maybe what caused this confrontation in the first place.

I would welcome any comments regarding this.

Aggrieved cyclist

Name and address supplied

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