Grantham Journal letter: Invicta is good idea

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To name any road after any politician is almost bound to produce a fairly diverse response, as the Journal’s recent poll on the proposed new bypass has proved.

Indeed we may wonder if politicians would really be happy to be associated with road names unless they could personally veto any unflattering ones.

I suspect David Cameron would prefer ‘Dave’s Drive’ to ‘Cameron Crescent’ – the latter being too close to a U-turn; Ed Miliband would almost certainly opt for ‘Miliband Mews’ rather than ‘Red Ed’s Road’, while Nick Clegg might decline altogether if ‘Clegg Circus’ was the only option.

Commemorating politicians is always going to be sensitive, since politicians are probably remembered more for their gaffes than their good decisions; Peter Clawson’s mention of Harold Wilson reminded me of the classic comment following Wilson’s disastrous ‘pound in your pocket’ speech after his 14 per cent devaluation of sterling in 1967: “If Harold Wilson had been captain of the Titanic, he would have announced to the passengers, ‘We are stopping to take on ice’. ”

So let’s abandon all the political acrimony and consider Rosemary Potter’s idea of ‘Invicta’ to commemorate Aveling Barford’s great association with Grantham – by far the best suggestion to emerge so far.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road, Colsterworth