Grantham Journal Letter: Irresponsible parking is becoming a farce

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I applaud the writer of the letter “Issues must be resolved if town is to grow” (Journal, August 16).

Why was the author’s name not published? He should stand behind what he wrote. He offered some clever suggestions, which of course, will be filed in folder 13 by SKDC.

The blindfold of the Southern Quadrant and east/west bypass is inhibiting the council to focus on the here and now, especially the much-flaunted 4,000 new homes! If they are built, then one word on Grantham traffic – gridlock.

The irresponsible parking on double yellow lines in town is rapidly becoming a farce and chokes the traffic flow no end. The sheer lunacy of the roadworks dumped on Grantham by the powers that be should have them all looking for new jobs where common sense is not a requirement. Yes, yes, they will wave the school holiday break flag, but that is a poor excuse.

Let’s look at parking. Because of the chaos within the Grantham road network, I decided to go shopping in Newark. Parking there is basically 1p a minute! So why not here in Grantham? Nothing is for free, we know that and Burling and Davies will now have to look at something else to fight about now that they have found common ground on parking.

Stuart Allen also makes some vary valid points about the east/west bypass . To say the idea is an old one, indicates he has a kind heart for the original plans that are so old they were drafted in Latin! Stuart also loved the comments on Nick Boles, our Conservative “visionary” MP, who should have gone to Specsavers. Then, perhaps, Grantham might have got some desperately required political support instead of his politically mocking of our town and its facilities. Roll on election day!

Roy Coldham

Peascliffe Drive, Grantham