Grantham Journal letter: Is our money being well spent?

Artist's impression released in 2014, of a Reel-operated cinema complex.
Artist's impression released in 2014, of a Reel-operated cinema complex.
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I note with interest various recent letters questioning the need for the Multiplex Cinema, and L North asking if anyone had questioned this decision.

Well, yes, I have. I requested the documentation from SKDC to support this decision under FOI, and although the documentation was heavily redacted, I found that the decision was not made on the basis of a suitable business case. The government requires production of a business case as mandatory for planning a public sector spending proposal and preparing it for approval. The government’s business case model (the Green Book 5 Case Model) is widely used throughout the public sector, but not by SKDC.

In addition, in making this decision SKDC did not give any consideration to other ways to spend £5m of our money, so even their poor attempt at value for money is flawed.

A BBC report quoted that 85 per cent of cinema seats nationally go unsold. Amazon, Netflix, Google, Apple, HBO et al are all investing heavily in on-line content, and films are already being made straight to digital for distribution by their own channels.

I have made a detailed representation to SKDC regarding their decision based on assessment of their documentation, but my concerns and request for a review have been ignored. Sadly, the evidence suggests that SKDC adopt a much lower level of business practice than required of the public sector. Surely we deserve better from our elected representatives.

Steve Prince

Albion Place