Grantham Journal letter: It is a ‘whipping boy’ for trust

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Re Charmaine Morgan’s letter 24.12.15 concerning her being attacked for not attending the ULHT meeting.

For my sins I did attend the meeting (though 4mins late) and initially I was told I could not speak because I wasn’t on the agenda which only came out Monday night for the meeting on Tuesday.

Both Councillor Wootten and the chairman were certainly adamant until I insisted – by now made a complete nervous wreck.

I asked them to break down the deficit between the hospitals of the trust – due to the fact that Grantham Hospital has only been in debt since becoming part of them.

It’s beginning to look like if you’re not in agreement with Ray Wootten and the trust’s actions, woeful though they are, you must shut up – but I for cannot stand by and see Grantham Hospital becoming the whipping boy of the ULHT.

Jane Bennett

Springfield Road, Grantham