Grantham Journal Letter: It’s an insult to call Grantham Hospital a hospital

Grantham Hospital's maternity unit is to close.
Grantham Hospital's maternity unit is to close.
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I am surprised to see that the Journal has not taken up the ongoing subject of hospitals. In the national papers, Lincoln County is listed as the worst hospital with regards to mortality rates.

I worked at Grantham Hospital for nearly 30 years, and on occasion, at Lincoln County. My view of Lincoln was never great.

When I was a consultant at Grantham, I never sent my patients to Lincoln. We had a designated trauma team here. During my tenure, I attended several meetings, always protesting to the management at Lincoln County and Boston.

When the trust was formed, most of the money immediately went to Lincoln and Boston, resulting in funds being withdrawn from Grantham Hospital.

If anybody is interested, they can look back to previous journal comments of mine with regards to Grantham hospital and read my forecast of its fate.

I feel it distasteful to call Grantham Hospital a hospital. A hospital without a maternity or children’s ward.

A hospital unable to provide emergency surgery.

Somebody should be bold enough to call Grantham Hospital a cottage hospital, or a modified diagnostic centre.

Lastly, when this hospital was designated as a district hospital, I would encourage someone to look up the mortality rates of this hospital, and its achievements.

Mr L. N. Chakrabarti

Retired consultant

Grantham Hospital