Grantham Journal letter: It was a pleasure to share the pitch with Chris

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It was with great sadness that we read the obituary to Chris Flanagan.

It mentioned briefly that he was a former member of Kesteven Rugby Club, and as President, a former teammate and indeed former classmate, I would like to add a small tribute on behalf of those of us lucky enough to have shared a rugby pitch and clubhouse with Chris.

He returned to Woodnook in the early 80’s and made an immediate and lasting impression on all of those with whom he was associated.

I have three abiding memories of his time at the club.

He was one of the best players ever to play for Kesteven, but what really set him apart was his pass from scrum half that at any point over its 30 yards flight path had the capacity to decapitate an unsuspecting number ten.

He was equally renowned for providing the referee with an 80 minute running commentary, never failing to plant a seed of doubt in the ref’s mind as to the legitimacy of the opposition’s tactics, and indeed whether they had any right to be on the pitch at all.

His greatest legacy probably lies within the clubhouse itself, where his rich baritone lead the club members into a new era of post match singing, bringing with him like a cultural missionary, a clutch of previously unknown songs from his former club.

Great player, great character, great loss.

Mike Money, President of the Kesteven Rugby Club