Grantham Journal Letter: ‘Lady Thatcher is Grantham’s gift to the nation’

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Last week’s editorial linked the wonderful and continuing success of our Rotary Swimarathon with the extraordinary story regarding the statue of Margaret Thatcher.

Grantham has failed quite shamefully, to show any proper recognition of its most famous daughter in over 20 years since she left Downing Street. Must we wait until after her death to honour her?

On the one hand we show the world our confident and successful face in the annual Swimarathon, and now the global Swimarathon, and at the same time our timid and fearful attitude to the placing of a statue in our town!

Over the past nine years there have been many letters in your paper supporting the idea of a fitting memorial, but always there are the vocal minority of left-wing views from those who obviously detest her.

Surely it is time to put away those unworthy attitudes and recognise Lady Thatcher as Grantham’s gift to the nation of its first woman Prime Minister!

If we have the will, and the courage to override the nay-sayers, the means will become available, and we will not be shamed in the national newspapers as we were last week.

David Close