Grantham Journal Letter: Lighting the Guildhall all night is a waste of money

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I note with interest that South Kesteven District Council intend increasing the Council Tax to help them make ends meet.

They may like to consider saving some money by not floodlighting the Guildhall and council offices all night and every night.

At least I assume they are on all night and not just switched on for my personal enjoyment when I drive past at 6am.

I cannot see what possible reason there can be to throw money into the wind by lighting these buildings into the wee small hours.

I assume they will plead security, but I wonder how many unlit, adjacent buildings are the subject of criminal activity on a regular basis? Not many I would suggest!

I, for one, would rather see the money for all this illumination put in the coffers for local services rather than providing a light show that few people will actually see.

Angie Hibbitt

Main Street,

Carlton Scroop