Grantham Journal letter: Lincoln bypass put first

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Having had a good read of my delivered County News for summer/autumn 2017, I thought it worthy for those that missed it to quote from two items published under ‘Driving forward on roads’.

Item one, Lincoln eastern bypass: Carillion Construction officially started in June on the Lincoln eastern by-pass. The £99m scheme, due to be completed in the winter of 2019, will include four roundabouts, two main bridges and three pedestrian/cyclist ones. Network Rail is also building a railway bridge next to Washingborough Road, allowing the road to run under the railway.

Item two, Grantham southern relief road: A two-mile relief road that will promote economic growth and improve journey times in the Grantham area. The first phase was finished in August 2016, works are now under way for the second and third stages. That includes hedge clearing, ground surveys and an archaeological dig. When completed in 2020 the road will link the A52 at Somerby Hill to the A1.

So, two years to build the Lincoln larger construction and five years (or more) for the smaller Grantham plan.

This latest statement is, as always, even now out of date, as it seems according to Highways the completion date is now 2021.

Our MP does his Journal comment on Brexit, and that comment was taken from some government handout. He should at least be bringing us up to date on the two most important items that concern the people of Grantham; the hospital and the bypass.

We have some good hard working councillors, we have others who having failed in the real world see politics as a road to a better future for themselves, but to do so means following a party line that at times goes against the wishes and wants of the people who elect them.

Stuart Allan, By email