Grantham Journal letter: Little incentive to visit town

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During a recent visit to Grantham, a simple event reinforced my opinion that the group of people governing this once thriving market town have little consideration for the prosperity of local shops and businesses. I’m talking about the over-zealous traffic wardens.

I parked on Castlegate to visit the barbers, but due to a queue overran the 30-minute allowance by a matter of minutes. In this very short time, a ticket and fine of £50 (reduced to £25 for prompt payment) had been issued. While I admit that I was just over the 30-minute period and fully accept the rules, to be hit with a fine for being no more than five minutes over the allowed time is utterly ridiculous and really makes me question what Grantham has to offer its visitors.

Everyone knows and can see that Grantham suffers with an abysmal traffic problem and it is clear that the town is on a downward slide, particularly London Road, Wharf Road and the High Street, which all look tatty and tired. Add in the over enthusiastic traffic wardens and there really is little incentive to visit Grantham these days, which is sad as I have always supported the local shops and businesses in the town over the years.

Grantham used to be great and it could be again, but something needs to be done to regenerate what is becoming a very depressing place to be. Encourage visitors and custom by providing competitively priced parking and sensible free parking periods (what can be achieved in 30 minutes realistically?), pothole-free roads, good shops and an environment where people actually look happy to be.

A. Poole