Grantham Journal letter: Losing Dr Jane Mackay’s talks would be a great shame

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I have heard that after the last advertised Jane Mackay Lunchtime Lecture at the Guildhall in April, the event will end because not enough people make a point of attending regularly.

Although 82 people attended the January lecture on Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, this was for us an unusually high number. (Stamford had 152 for Jane Eyre recently).

If it is not too late, I would like to make a plea for a rethink on the matter as far as Grantham is concerned. We have been so lucky to get a world-famous speaker like Jane Mackay, and it would be a great shame to lose her because we can’t make an effort to attend once a month.

Mary M. Hubble

Jubilee Avenue, Grantham