Grantham Journal letter: ‘Lost’ items were placed in storage

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Some interesting new information emerged this week regarding the missing exhibits at Grantham Museum.

The first of these is an original Fluck and Law puppet of Margaret Thatcher.

The second is a large colour original cartoon by Trog, memorable as the former Prime Minister is depicted wearing Union Jack underwear.

These valuable exhibits disappeared from Grantham Museum without ceremony and, after inquiries were made, it was implied they had been lost or disposed of.

I am delighted to learn that they are both in the safe storage of Lincolnshire County Council, out of sight but never forgotten.

It would be nice to have them back on public display.

I sense some reluctance by the Grantham Museum authorities, which is a shame. We had what is called a Twitter spat about it. Whatever your views on Margaret Thatcher, and I’m no fan, it can only be a win for Grantham to have the most valuable exhibits on public display.

The purpose of a museum is to present the exhibits without censorship. Otherwise it is just a shrine.

Brynley Heaven