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Grantham Journal letter: McDonald’s junction is an accident in waiting

After having to travel four times down Springfield Road this weekend I am tearing my hair out.

Going towards the McDonalds traffic lights I was queuing from Springfield Park each time... after 20 minutes I reached the lights but even though I was at the front I could not proceed because of traffic at a halt whilst people were trying to get into McDonalds, some even driving into the Keep Clear obstructing traffic the other way....

Coming back I was queued back to Harrowby Lane, again McDonalds causing the problem...once across the lights, with traffic still stuck in the main road we queued again... why... because the lights only let fourcars through each time...

I have to question where were the police all this time, because one was two cars ahead, why didn’t he alert the road traffic police and get them out...common sense to me before an accident happens.

Secondly, who the hell passed planning permission for MacDonalds to be built on a busy crossroads....this town is a mess and nobody in authority is doing anything about it. Somebody will get killed on that crossroads before long.

Gina North

By email

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