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Grantham Journal letter: Message to lazy shoppers – use the trolley bays!

It infuriates me whenever I go shopping in Asda.

Why? Ignorant lazy shoppers who cant be bothered to put their trolley back in a trolley bay!

Is it really too much for you to take an extra minute when you have finished loading your car with your groceries to just walk a few steps,and put your trolley into the nearest trolley bay?

I imagine when you get to Asda , you will pick up a trolley outside the front door – well someone has to keep that bay loaded for you!

Just have a thought for other shoppers and the guys who have to tidy them up.

I have suggested to Asda that they have trolleys that you have to put a £1 in so people would have to put them back.

Susan Eldridge

By email

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