Grantham Journal letter: More fines needed to curb issue

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So, a Grantham person has been fined £75 – on the spot – for dropping a fag-end in the street. Hallelujah!

It was about time; in fact, it was many years overdue. What about all the other millions of fag-ends which litter the streets of Grantham? What about all of the other litter?

Over the last week, I saw – for the first time in my 30 years in the town, as far as I can remember – SKDC litter-pickers around Grantham, in their smart (-ish) orange hi-vis jackets.

However, that was of course because visitors to the town for the Gravity Fields celebrations couldn’t possibly be allowed to think that Grantham is untidy! Those visitors would be unlikely to have seen the bottom ends of Brewery Hill and Commercial Road; the passageway between Greenwoods Row car park and Welby Street; or the area around Crown House on Castlegate, to name a few.

What those visitors who walk from the train station into town must make of the appalling litter along the passageway past the station car park, I hate to think.

Curiously, there is a dearth of litter bins in all of the above areas. Those which are in place are in any case frequently left to overflow. However, once a litterer, always a litterer. Continued education might help, as might reinforcement (fines).

One fine is a start; let’s hope that there are many more to come.

Don’t let me start on cycling on the pavements.

David Feld

Third Avenue, Grantham