Grantham Journal letter: More homes, what about hospital?

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On the front page of the Journal last week there was an article stating 550 new homes were to be built in Grantham.

Then on the letters page a letter saying that when approached the chairman of SKDC stated all was well at the hospital when A and E is being downgraded.

How can they approve the building of all these homes then not bother about the services like the Grantham Hospital?

Then again we have to remember the council can make money from houses, but they can’t make money out of the hospital.

Nobody wants to travel to a different hospital miles away, it’s too dangerous.

No one in Grantham likes Lincoln hospital - you can’t get near the place if you go by car and public transport takes that long that you can only have afternoon appointments as any time before dinner can’t be done.

Situations like this are only going to get worse and that includes fire, police and every thing else that needs public money.

If the government allow devolution of local authorities all the funds that is allocated to do this are more than likely to be swallowed up in salaries and expenses for the posh suits who will try to run these set ups.

This is another get out for George Osborne - give these idiots some power then when they get problems don’t go running to him - he gave them the power, it’s their problem, nothing to do with him.


Harrowby Lane