Grantham Journal letter: More spaces are needed for disabled

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How dare South Kesteven District Council say they provide sufficient car parking spaces for the disabled.

The government guideline is a minimum requirement for disabled parking not the be all and end all (guideline over 200 spaces is four plus four per cent).

Morrisons multi-storey car park has 266, so minimum equals 14 (but it only has five).

As for disabled drivers using normal bays, that is true for people that can use it. However, for people like myself who need their doors to be able to be opened wide, including the back door, so that we can get in and out and get mobility scooters/wheelchairs out, is the reason why the government minimum guideline is applied. Ordinary parking is just not acceptable. As for saying that we should seek other car parks, take Welham Street multi-storey car park for instance, which has 10 disabled parking spaces. They are not accessible to people like myself because there are two doors to get into and out of which are not automatic and so cannot be opened by people like myself.

So, South Kesteven District Council, please stop discriminating against the disabled and provide the necessary minimum car parking spaces for the people that really need it. As for parking in illegally marked loading bays on Westgate, because restrictions are not clear (just to save a can of paint), is ridiculous. All they have done is create ‘cash cows’ to make money.

I. Thomas