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Grantham Journal letter: Motorists alone are not to blame – lorries are as bad

Muddy verges outside Tesco, in Harrowby Lane, Grantham.
Muddy verges outside Tesco, in Harrowby Lane, Grantham.

In the Journal (March 3), regarding the muddy verges outside Tesco, a Tesco spokesman said: “We always encourage customers and colleagues to park appropriately and we offer our customers a car park.”

As I live near Keats Avenue and use Tesco every day, I see two or three Tesco lorries daily, and because Tesco is not interested in buying the wasteland next to the store – even though it is the obvious solution – delivery lorries have to park in the ‘customer car park’ taking up most spaces on one side every time, including one of the disabled spaces.

In response to the letter (Journal, March 10), if the delivery lorries arrive and those spaces are taken up by customers, they then park on the muddy verges outside Tesco, waiting to get in, which means not only are they causing most of the mess but it also makes it extremely difficult for people up and down the road as you cannot see if anyone is coming out of the car park.

For anyone to try and suggest that these muddy verges are caused by private motorists only is totally absurd.

It’s a very sorry state of affairs when the likes of Tesco, a multi-million pound concern, and Lincolnshire County Council and highways cannot come to an amicable arrangement. I have been shocked at the level of deterioration of the road and verges. It’s very sad to see such a nice area deteriorating due to Tesco’s greed – they clearly have little or no regard for the residents or upkeep of the area.

R. Parker


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